Project Management Fundamentals Overview

Project Management at the very basic and simple level is the art of getting things done.

Here is an overview of the Project Management Fundamentals.

So what are some of the characteristics of a Project?

Projects should give the following:

1. Business Value: Projects should generate or increase business value. This does not always have to financial. Improving a Company’s customer service is an example of generating Business Value for the customers.

2. Temporary: Projects should be temporary. All projects should have a defined starting and ending date.

3. Produce Unique Product or Service: A Project’s goal is to produce a unique product or service. A Project should not be confused with Processes or Procedures.

A Project can be defined as a finite endeavor, initiated to create a unique product or service which adds value.

Projects can have a high level of uncertainty and are not identical. Whereas operational procedures are repeatable with the same end result which creates more certainty about their execution.

Example: Modifying the Emergency admission room process is an example of a Project. Admitting a new patient into the Emergency room is an example of procedure and is non-project related.

It is extremely important to understand what a Project related activity is and what is not. This is the only way to increase productivity and allocate the right individuals for the appropriate tasks.

If you hire a Programmer for instance to develop a specific Software, make sure you provide all the details of what is required and what is not needed and also the deadline of when you want the Software to be developed by. Not clearly outlining the details of what is expected often times leads to many complications and disappointments leading to the failure of the Project.

Hence, Project Management is extremely important.The principles of project management are beneficial for companies and individuals alike.

Imagine if you hired a contractor to paint your house and the painter agreed to start working without giving you details about:

– A good idea of which items were going to be painted

– A detailed break-down of all the costs

– The order in which the rooms have to be painted

That is a scary proposition and not wise decision making. To be part of a team that is working on a project yet not managed properly and does not have a solid plan is very risky.

The Value of Project Management:

Is being able to provide a good idea of

– the cost of the project

– the length of the project

– who will be required to work on the project

– how many people will be required to work on the project

– what resources will be required to complete the project

– understanding the possible issues that could affect successful completion of the project

The Project Lifecycle:

Regardless of the size and scope of a project. Every project goes through the following four phases or stages.

1. Initiating Phase:

The purpose of the initiating stage is to get a common high-level understanding of what the project is expected to deliver. Unfortunately many Projects never make it beyond this first stage. It’s like having an idea come to mind but if you don’t plan and execute the idea just dies.

2. Planning Phase:

In this phase focus is on developing a road map that everyone will follow. Detailed plans are developed for cost, resources required, execution, deadline, communication and risk management.

3. Execution Phase:

This is the Phase where the plans that were developed in the ‘Planning Phase’ get acted on. This is where execution takes place as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Regular project status communication occurs in this phase.

4. Closing Phase: In this phase the plan is checked to make sure all project outputs were delivered as required, final reporting is performed and resources released.

Approximately 20% of the total project effort is spent on Initiating and Closing.

Approximately 80% of the total project effort is spent on Planning and Execution.

Project Management Software for Your Small Business

For some companies Project Management Software is how they keep their business flowing smoothly. It’s the perfect glue that holds everything together. When your business starts to expand into various projects and sometimes into other cities, you need a way for communication to stay just as if everyone were in the same room.

Project Software is the program that can make that happen if everyone is doing their part and putting their basic information in. Users who are entered can see everything, no matter what location they are in but their access can be limited to what they need to input or change.

It’s like having a great manager at every source all the time keeping an eye on each project. Management Software uses Ganti charts which are very user friendly and used worldwide. You can have multiple projects tracked at the same time and it will keep them separated their expenses and milestones up to date.

Each project can have its own time tracking reports, which will return all time to the payroll department, and some Management Software includes a payroll manager as well.

There are other functions such as document sharing where you can get the same message out to all projects or just put one out for a single project. You set the destination. Most importantly is the email and voice meeting functions that help communication keep current. Management Software allows your small business to act like the big boys.

It usually is someone running back and forth to the home base delivering all of this info every day. Now with Project Software, all of this information can be input right on the site or project daily. Time and money are saved by staying on site, and the information is immediately up and running to not only the home base, but every site can see the results.

Project Software has email and voice meetings so meetings can happen where they are, again time and money and gas are saved. Reports can be printed out for individual projects and for the whole company. So make the best move and use Project Management Software, you won’t regret it.

It enables every user to see all that is going on while maintaining security. Each user will have his/her own permission to be able to change only what they have been given authority to change. Project Management Software is a wise business choice. If you grow, it will help you keep focused.

Software Project Management Plan

It is hard to think of the successful completion of a business software project without the support of a Software Project Management Plan (SPMP). Such projects require adequate planning, monitoring and controlling to meet the objectives of a high-end enterprise solution. At the same time, one must take into account the total time required and manage the resources in an efficient manner to deliver the project well within the stipulated time. It was found that the most problematic areas in meeting the exact user requirements were the difficulties in articulating the needs of the clients and the incorrect estimation of the needed resources. These two and several other concerns spearheaded the development of a robust SPMP, which is still in evolutionary stage.

A software development process is concerned more with its production aspect than its technical aspect. This is why such processes look similar to general project management processes, such as risk management, change management, release management, and requirements management. The focus of the concern with all these management processes remains the proper identification of the scope, estimation of the work involved, and the creation of a work schedule. A software project development plan cannot serve a meaningful purpose of its existence unless it is not optimized for project planning, monitoring and control. The exact estimation of requirements must precede the development of a project plan to deliver the successful completion of the tasks involved.

With the project monitoring and control, the software project development plan enables the team members to work in an integrated environment where they can easily contribute to the progress of the project and be aware of its overall progress in real time. It helps the project manager keep a focus on the planned development process with valuable inputs from its team members. If a change in plan is required at any stage of the process, the manager finds it easy to implement the same and keep abreast with the changing requirements.

Project Software

Project Management Software, or simply Project Software, is a tool that is designed to help when you are to deal with a large and complex project. Such a large project usually requires you to keep an eye on a range of details – project estimation, planning, scheduling, resource allocation, cost control, budget management, and an effective communication with team members. The project software really helps in meeting the varied requirements of a large project and provides assistance in completing the tasks involved. These tools exist under a variety of design approaches. Chief among them are Desktop, Web-based, Personal, Single User, Collaborative, Integrated, and Non-Specialized tools.

The reason why we find such a large number of project management software is simple. No specific software is suited for all project requirements. This means the moment you start working on a different project, you may need to switch to a different project management tool. Though there are some exceptions, you may find this lack of versatility in most web based tools that are available under open source license and come to you absolutely free. It is a better idea to invest in some quality project software products to have something of value that you can trust no matter what your need is.

What to Look for In Project Management Software

Every successful project begins with a strong foundation. This means having the appropriate infrastructure set in place before work starts. Project management software offer the possibility of reducing a great deal of the work associated with project management. From creating places where individuals can collaborate and share ideas to providing a source for up to date information regarding deadlines and tasks, the right software can make all the difference in the world. When choosing the right software, there are three primary things that should be considered, usability, functionality, and support.


The most effective project software will be utterly useless if it is designed in such a way that no one knows how to operate it. Intuitive design is central to the success of this software. The easier it is for members of your team to become familiar with the project software, the quicker they will begin relying on it when working on the project. As project management software is designed to help move a project along effectively, ease of use means less time spent trying to figure out the software.


A challenge with usability is functionality. Functionality means that the project management software you use will be able to do everything you require of it. The more you require, the more functionality there will be. This added functionality however means less familiarity and intuitive design. The project management software for you will bridge the divide by offering what you need, and little else.

There are a number of ways that project software can do this. The first is through use of apps. Every individual thing that you may want to do can be its own app. For example, tracking, reporting, and processing tickets can be its own app in your project management software. Figuring out the optimal functionality will be as complicated as spending a minute choosing the apps before you begin the project.


The goal of project management software is to relieve you of the burden of having to do all of this yourself. If something goes wrong with the software, then your project may grind to a halt, requiring you to focus on this instead of the project at hand. Invest in project software that has a dedicated team behind it, willing to rush to your aid if anything goes wrong. Though it may rarely happen, working with technology means that no program is foolproof.

Phil E Williams has used all different types of project management software when training companies. Phil recommends finding the most simplified web based project management tool that meets your core needs. Having a simple and elegant interface is critical to the success of each of your projects. Without high user adoption, your projects will likely stall.

Project Software to Go Please

There are a lot of advantages if you decide to go for online project management software rather than the usual project s/w tools. One thing for certain, if you are the travelling type, then this would benefit you the most since you can practically access your work from anywhere in the world. But for whatever reason you have to choose online project management software, there are a few out there that would be able to help you in making things happen in all of your projects.

It may be a whole lot cheaper for you to get online project management software if you are using a lot of different computers or systems. Having to purchase multiple software packages for each of your systems will definitely cost. Online tools will only charge you for each account you make, which means that there would be a limitless number of locations in which you can gain access to your project. Convenient and cost effective, just what every manager needs.

Clarizen is one example of an online management tool. It can be accessed through a browser through almost any device. Whether you are on a Windows or Mac OS on your laptop or from your Smartphone, Clarizen has the applications necessary to make everything easier for you. Clarizen practically defines the true purpose of online management as it exemplifies the convenience and accessibility that it was meant to provide to its users.

Another online project management software is Celoxis. This offers a comprehensive approach towards online project that will definitely fulfill your tasks to the very last bit of detail involved. However, it does not limit its purpose to the complex and tedious projects, as it can also manage simple and easily completed tasks in its database, incorporating it to the big picture to make it all flow smoothly as one project.

And lastly there is Vertabase. With practically any web browser available at this point of time, Vertabase can fully provide all of its services to its users. It offers easy use to its clients with the least amount of technical difficulty involved so that it would be easy for new users to start working with their projects in the least amount of time. They know that not everyone has a degree in IT, but they definitely need help in their projects. No matter which tool you choose, the important thing is that it gives you what you need.

Project Software – What to Expect

Purchasing your first project software for project management needs is an important step in enhancing your company’s infrastructure and overall performance. Fortunately, these days the types of software you can expect to use are very intuitive and do not require long-term investment, time and resources to learn how to use. In fact, anybody with Internet skills can quickly adjust to the way such software operates, often through simple web-browser based functionality. In addition, management teams can quickly learn how to customize administrative restrictions and use the software as a tool for leadership through the development of a new product or coordinating an event.

You can expect a highly intuitive process when you establish such a system into your workplace. Internet social media and networking technology reinforces the backbone of these products, which is the ability to manage tasks. On the employee side, they will be assigned specific tasks in a project, leading to the completion of certain project-wide milestones. As these milestones are achieved, the management can unlock further capabilities and make social-media style feed-based announcements across the entire platform about the accomplishments. This increase of communication will actually improve company morale and keep everyone abreast of each new development.

Project management systems have always been around, just not always in digital form. In the old days, Gantt charts and timelines were implemented by companies through completely manual means in order to keep a company productive as they moved along with the development of a project. These days, all of these original management techniques are still utilized in modern software through an information-based platform where managers can post valuable data for the rest of the employees to look at, or even hold inter-office meetings through online communication and the uploading of presentations, charts, graphs, timelines and other organizational materials.

The difference between using this type of project software, and just relying on basic web applications is quite apparent. If your company is relying on public sites to communicate and share information, then you are not only jeopardizing your sensitive data but you are also using an outdated and disorganized system. Fortunately, these latest advances in project technology can allow you and an entire office to quickly integrate into a streamlined system designed to ensure privacy, security, and the ability for the employees of your company to remain focused on their work and separated from the sometimes distracting platforms found elsewhere on the web and social media sites.

Construction Project Software

Construction project software is excellent for increasing productivity and giving more effort towards increasing customer satisfaction. This software is used for many purposes, but most importantly you can use it to organize your ideas, employees, and building projects.

When it comes to your ideas, it is important the the software you purchase can create plans for your construction business. Being able to take down all your ideas for your business allows you to visualize the future and helps your business grow quickly and efficiently. Planning your future projects is an excellent way to improve the way you run your construction business and can shave thousands of dollars off of your expenses.

Your employees can be controlled more efficiently with construction project software. When you begin a project you need to know which employees you will send to the job site. With the software you can generate reports that can be distributed to managers. With these reports your managers can keep track of which workers are going to which project.

With Construction project management software yo can maintain the information for each building project easily. When a customers asks for certain jobs to be completed at their home of commercial area, you need to tell your managers what they have to do at each project site. With software, as soon as a project is ordered you can print out reports with the exact jobs that need to be done at every project site.

Make Your Next DIY Project an Easy One Using This Software

Wood projects is a hobby for a lot of people, meanwhile other people just like spending their spare time building some thing beautiful. A wood project software is a software that will help you build original and quality projects.

These softwares have came along way from the basic drawings you might be familiar with. Having the ability to see 3D designs of your wood project is something any woodworking enthusiast can benefit from.

However, not all of these softwares were created equally, and some are just not effective enough to really help. The best wood project software will have both great graphics and processing speed. If the software you’re using doesn’t have good graphics and processing speed, then you will more than likely quickly get frustrated.

Next, the best wood project software will offer 3D designs. This is an important feature because you can’t overlook the benefit of being able to see your project as realistically as possible.

Depending on your project, you are going to want to choose a software that is specific to what you’re trying to do. There are many different softwares out there and you are going to want to make sure the one you use caters to your requirements.

To help you make the right decision you can talk with other woodworking enthusiasts that have some experience. Ask about the software you’re interested in and you’ll be surprised about how much reliable information you can gather.

Moreover, to really make sure you’re using the best wood project software you can take the software on a test drive to see if it fits your needs. Most of these softwares have demos that you can utilize. They will give very effective demonstrations to help you make a better decision.

Online Project Software – Not All Programs Are Equal

Individuals, businesses, organizations, and students all have projects that must be completed in order to be successful. Life is filled with series of tasks that must be accomplished each day in pursuit of the goals we all have. Though each of our projects is different, depending on what our goals are, there are some commonalities in project management. Online project software addresses these common areas and allows project managers to track, and complete, their projects easily and quickly. Web-based project management programs are all over the internet. However, they are not all equal. They vary based on usability, features included, price, and customization options.

1. Usability: When you are looking for a great project management program online, it is important to investigate the interface to see if it is easy to use. An intuitive interface is one that you can pick up and use automatically, because you intuitively know what to do. Some project software is very complicated, which means you will spend valuable time learning the program instead of working on your projects. Instead of streamlining your production and increasing profits, you waste time navigating a program.

2. Features Included: Applications or tools within the online project software are what allows you to manage people and projects over the internet. These apps track time, offer calendars, create customized Gantt charts, provide templates, make graphs and charts, store contact information, list and assign tasks, and more. Some project management programs are very basic while others include all the extras.

3. Price: The price of online project software varies, with some even being offered for free. However, free online software may not offer space, security, or features that will be necessary for managing your projects. Then, you will find yourself learning a program that will not work for you, rather than finding the best product to begin with. With programs that have a monthly fee, the price can vary greatly. Production companies with large support teams will naturally need to charge more in order to cover costs. Smaller operations can offer the same quality at a lower cost per month. It is also helpful when the program offers different levels according to how many projects or how much space you will need. Why should a company that needs to manage 20 projects pay the same amount as an enterprise that manages hundreds of projects?

Computer Management Project Software

Computer management project software is software that performs a number of different duties, all of which have to do with managing and completing projects. They generally cover and help you keep track of information related to cost control, scheduling, budget management, collaboration, resource allocation, quality management, documentation, communication, and even administration for more complex large scale projects. A project can be small or enormous, and the amount of support you need for your project will be determined by the size of the product, the output of resources, the help needed, etc. etc.

Computer management project software can help on several fronts. This software can keep track of your budget, for example, and can help you control your output of money. Overspending will kill a project faster than anything. You need to budget so that you can complete all parts of the project without running out of funds, and a software program that is especially designed with this task in mind can help immensely.

Another project resource that can be hard to manage is time, whether it is simply your time, or the time of 100 people working on the project with you. Software like this can usually help immensely by providing logistical information and even graphs to show how your time will be spent, and will show you the best ways to maximize time based on the data you enter.

Managing a major project can be a big responsibility, and often is way too much for simply one person to handle. Programs that can assist you can be worth their weight in gold, and if you ask any major project manager, they will say that it is impossible to do it without! Computer management project software can be obtained for any sized project, ranging from simple small scale ventures to global multi-million dollar enterprises.

In today’s economic world, it is absolutely necessary to manage resources effectively. And efficient, effective management of time, materials, and resources is absolutely necessary to the growth, even the survival, of any company or project, no matter how big or small. While some might gravitate toward more old fashioned methods, this modern world calls for a more modern organizational system, and many managers have found it in computer management project software. So, take a step into the future by utilizing this ground breaking technology for your project today!